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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  April 9, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> lawmakers say hang up and drive or at the least talk hands free. good evening. the new cell phone driving law. >> reporter: it seems everywhere you turn these days from the beltway and beyond drivers are on the cell phone. maryland may join six other state that require drivers to use a hands free device. most people give it the green light but aren't pleased how officers will have to enforce it. >> wait. >> reporter: sarah commutes to bc where drivers must use the hands free device. >> if i'm not having to hold it i'm free to talk. >> reporter: if you are used to holding up the cell phone you will need to get technology. a head set or wireless blue
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tooth. >> both your hands back. emergency situation you will have two hands. >> reporter: the house of delegates overwhelmingly approved the senate's version of the ban today but some lawmakers call it bad public policy. >> i guess we will have to ban eating while driving and talking to other people because that's just as bad. >> reporter: if the governor approves the measure it'll be a secondary offense to talk on a handheld device. an officer would have to stop you for something else to give you a ticket for the cell phone. >> they should have to be pulled over for speeding. >> i still think people will use the cell phone the same way but they should focus on not usingt. >> reporter: drivers could be fined $40 for a first offense. traffic safety supporters have
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done studies in state was the ban in place and found the laws aren't reducing crashes. still the governor plans to sign the bill into law the last day of the legislative session on monday . >> tonight three baltimore city police officers are being treated for injuries after a car crash. it happened at the intersection of east biddle and coleing ton. officers were in an unmarked car. no word on if anyone in the car was hurt but the injuries to the police officers are nonlife threatening. a final salute to an officer killed in the line of duty. this is part of the procession for the officer. he was killed in a car crash last week. he was laid to rest in baltimore county. it was yet another murder in baltimore. city that over the years has
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become known for murders. this time it happened on green mount avenue. an innocent victim. a 72-year-old vietnam vet killed during a robbery. the murder is a tragic example of what neighbors are fighting successfully they thought and as we report they still hope they are right. >> reporter: just in the shadow of this city's latest tragedy the sound of progress. >> like all the studios. >> yes. restaurants down stairs. >> yes. >> standard plan. >> yes. >> reporter: ricky has owned a business for 12 years. he just bought this building on the corner of 31st street. he will spend about a month rehabbing. only to be leased to what he calls legit high end businesses. as an investor and current business owner he knew charlie and is sickened by the murder.
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he said there is a movement though. >> it's sad to see something like that happen. >> reporter: to do this almost in spite of this. >> of course. that's a really bad thing. i think its heading in a different direction. it's doing really good and can do better. >> reporter: for years the area was anchored by memorial stadium. it's since fallen on hard times but it's only fit that today it shows a push for its own successful stretch run one watch seeing things start to pay off. >> about two years ago it got on a roll. now we are seeing the people that came in get established and we have less empty spots. >> reporter: small business owners building up a corridor forgotten in the wake of
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memorial stadium's demolition. they continue to rebuild it's own identity. a way people are banking on hoping the tragedy doesn't derail the turn around season waferly is having. >> i think it has the possibility and it'll happen. it might benign or ten years but it'll happen. it can only get better. >> reporter: one nail, one shop, one block at a time. in waverly. if you have information on the murder you can call crime stopper anonymously. update on a story we told you about tuesday. a wheelchair taken from a man has been recovered. jimmy sawyer was paralyzed 111 years ago. his wheelchair was found
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friday. will this be the year the oil finally returns to being respectable? nearly 49,000 showed up for the orioles home opener. the team said the attendance broke last year's record and they bott to see two greats throughout the first pitches. brooks robinson and drew powell took part with the orioles marking the 40th anniversary of their 1970 world series championship. as for the game it looked good forl the orioles tied in the 1st. shot that one into the gap. ta was going on contact. two outs. he came around to first and scored when the catcher john buck couldn't handle the throw. they were up into the 9th inning. that's when we brought in the new closer mike gonzalez. he has been shaky to start the season. he couldn't get it done again today there. is schneider doubling. edwin, scoring, schneider would
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then score on a sack fly. that put them up by one. they pull out the win in the 9th. they went down in the 9th. scott was at the ballpark and has reaction from the orioles clubhouse. >> reporter: the home opener was all about the closer. mike gonzalez's second blown save of the young season cost the orioles a win and wasted a four rbi effort from tejada. the new closer heard the boos from the crowd and in the clubhouse faced the music. >> i understand i was brought here for a reason and that was to shut the door and i didn't. i understand where they are coming from and why they are frustrated. at the end of the day i'm not really thinking what they have to say. what i'm doing is trying to get it done for the team. trying to do to much. it has nothing to do with stuff, with going out there and -- it's you need to get ahead. you need to go out and throw strikes.
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you can't be giving bases. you get caught in a situation when you are behind in a count. anybody can hit a fast ball. i need to locate better. i need to -- it's process but i need to make it as soon as possible. >> i talked to him today, another day, tomorrow we talk to him to. i tell him, it's a long season. he has -- it's a lot of thing that will happen this season. nobody can do through the whole season. >> he has had success in that role. he will get it going and we are behind him and we have confidence in him. >> reporter: they are now 1-3 on the season. back at it tomorrow and sunday afternoon. camden yards. >> it was quite a day for baseball out at camden yards. cool, sunny dry weather but much, much cooler than the weather really all week long. look at it tonight. down in the mid40s. 46 there baltimore.
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48 regan national. hanging onto 50salsbury. winds chilly out of the northwest tonight. gusting closer to 20 or 25. steady at 15. look at that. a little bit of snow into western pa. pittsburgh. good for them. let them get some of that. 38 degrees. clear and cold and staying breezy out there. we have some warming trend into the weekend here. we will talk about that. >> it is the latest effort to help restore the chesapeake bay's ounce thinking oyster industry. we go on board to show you a spring cleaning project under water. >> reporter: these watermen are bringing oysters on board not to eat them but to help them. >> they are one of the most common problems is where you get a layer of silt on top of them. >> reporter: that layer is bad. it covers up the oysters and the babies have nothing to
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attach to. >> by dredging up the shells, taking them out of the silt that's covered them, putting them back and it creates a better surface for the babies to settle on. >> steady decrease in the health of the bay in general. >> reporter: ben park the second and his father have been working on the bay for more than 40 years. they are two of the 540 benefiting from the program. >> oysters are where it all begins. they are one of the natural filtrations for the bay. without them you take one of the main sources out. >> this project is great. it's providing help for watermen right now. >> reporter: a congressman is part of the delegation that was able to get $15 million of federal disaster money to help the bay and the watermen. >> not a very good-looking one. >> not just talking about oysters, that whole community that's filtering. it's providing habitats for crabs and fishes and worms and clams and a whole lot of
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things. republican the feds are pumping a lot of money and the watermen are working as hard as possible. as a captain said it took a long time for the bay to reach the situation and it's not going to solve itself overnight. don harrison. >> the swine flu is still around imposing a threat. today officials tried to get the word out that if you haven't gotten the shot it's not to late. >> we have lost people to this virus. 45 in the state. the tragedy is that this is now preventable. it's preventable with a safe and effective vaccine that's now available. >> reporter: if you still need a vaccine the health depth will hold free clinics on sunday at these locations. the charity community church, power house, bolton street, old st. paul church and mount lebanon. if you didn't get the list check out the website. just look under links mentioned
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on air. are you missing a big tax deduction this year? if you worked last year we will show you how to save hundreds in taxes. you know there has to be a good reason for this. we hope so. tell you about it later. >> we really hope so. we will see on that one. 57 was it today. about five degrees below average. big cool shot. we will talk about how the weekend shapes up towards sunday. you will want to hear about it.
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. at last word crews are back in a west virginia coal mine where 25 were killed in an explosion on monday. they are trying to reach a safe chamber where they hope to find four miners who are still missing. they hope they are still alive and despite crews having to turn back three times families are still holding out hope. >> keep on -- never give up and that's what we do. we aren't giving up. >> reporter: air, food and water are stock piled in those chambers. that's normally considered enough to last four days. today families started burying the first of the 25 confirmed victims of the explosion. the president -- the president -- describes retiring court justice john paul stevens as a him partial guardian of
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the law. he is considering about ten people to replace stevens. a democratic congressman who was a lightning rod during the days before the passing of health care says he will retire. [applause] >> reporter: the representative announced his decision today at a quickly called news conference. he first said he wouldn't support health care reform but did after the presidenta agreed to prohibit federal funding of abortion. he came under heavy criticism from the left and right. he will leave office in january. a different kind of drive by shooting in montgomery county pennsylvania. a woman called the police to
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report a driver going erratically. she thought she was sideswiped. when they pulled over. >> she realized she wasn't struck but she was hurt from a gun shot wound. >> reporter: she was hit twice in the leg and elbow but was treated released. police are questioning a person of interest. los angeles with an up lifting story. an 18-year-old has been fatherless since the 7th grade, his mother in prison. two years ago the teen was thrown out of his home. despite that he has overcome. the honor student was accepted to west point. >> i have to make a $2,000 deposit to west point to get in and i was kind of worried about getting that t together. >> reporter: when west point alunni heard he needed help they collected money to pay for him. closer to them a story of inspiration but not quite like
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that one. students at fountain green elementary raised almost 5,000 dollars for a new playground and they are excited aboutt. the motivation as that teachers in the grade level that raised the most agreed to kiss a cow so pucker up. . that is great. that wasn't all. a teacher agreed to get a pink mohawk if they raised the most money. >> now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> this is where i come out and talk about the previous story and how it relates to the weather and it was a great day to kiss a cow. >> sunshine i guess as good as it gets. >> we will have a bit of a chilly night.
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chilly wake up. that wind out of the northwest keeping it cool. nice change in the weather by tomorrow afternoon. back in the 60s and 70s. >> looks great. >> great trend into the weekend. let's hope the o's are to. take a look. old glory flapping pretty fast. the wind still coming in good. we have had gusts around 20, 25. humidity low, temperature chilly, 46 degrees. man what a change from all the 90-degree plus air we had. baltimore today. we had beautiful blue skies for first pitch. the chill was there all afternoon and for some reason it seemed to get chillier after the end of the 9th. then you can see blue skies were the rule but passing fair weather clouds at times. for the most part more sun throughout the weekend. get used to it. that's good stuff. temperature wise the weather sites, mid40s, low in some
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spotsn. to northern hartford. back we -- 44 columbia. pretty cool stuff. the highs only struggling into the upper 50s. average high about 63. we were below average but tomorrow back around 63. you can see tonight cooling off rapid by. western maryland concerns for frost. if you put out the tender plants maybe bring them in overnight. could see a little patchy frost. especially in some of the north and western suburbs as you go toward frederick. the wind will die off into the early part of tomorrow. wind chill big deal. down to almost 41. feels like 23. the radar, five sweeps. all clear here in maryland but take a look at what people in pennsylvania are dealing with. wintery mix in early april for the friends in the keystone
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state. we are just getting a few clouds. the whole weather system pushing out and all we will notice the rest of tonight into early tomorrow the wind flow keeping us cooler than we have been. clear skies tonight and saturday. i think lots of sun on sunday. by sunday afternoon we have another cool front pushing from the north. this not as powerful but it'll drop us back into the 10's next week. we won't get any rain though. tonight 38, clear and cold. tomorrow into the day. talking act 63 or so. warmer downtown. mostly sunny. dry, tomorrow night 40 and clear. seven day forecast, the trend here, much warmer in the sunday and then another cool front. then back into the mid60s. seasonable and dry and sunny. >> thank you. a big tax credit many people are forgetting to claim this year and target wants to help you recycle. details so you don't waste your
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money. >> tax day is less than a week away. many people are missing a big deduction this year. it's called the make work pay credit. part of last year's stimulus. the website says many are confused miss the credit. if you worked last year you can claim a credit of 6.2% of your income. up to $400 or $800 for a couple. claim it. if you purchased a table since 2001 check to see if they say hamory furniture. more than 7,000 are on the recall list because of high levels of lead paint. they were sold the past nine years if the label says it keep children away and contact stores for a replacement. you have stuff to recycle but don't know where to go? you can bring it to target. target is setting up recycling
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centers at its 1700 stores similar to many at wal-marts. they will accept drink containers, plastic bags and other things. they won't take computers or old tvs. for more go to the website. >> he won the united states open on one leg. i guess it shouldn't be a surprise. despite his layoff tiger woods near the top of the leader board. the press box sports report is coming up next. having a growing family.
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and it's something that you think about. we try to be conscious of that and plan out our meals so that we can feed everyone on a budget. at giant, we know saving money is important. every time you shop with your card, you can enjoy thousands of real deal savings and weekly specials. like super g boneless chicken breasts, $1.99 a pound, and strawberries, 2-pound carton, $2.99. this week only. it makes me feel good because we're saving money. and that works for me. only with your giant card. . sports report presented by mr. basement. >> this is the press box
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sports report. on a day when augusta national showed its teeth tiger had another solid round. near the top of the leader board at six under parr. the orioles having to play on each of the first 16 days and face one of the toughest first early schedule those will need their 5th starter. he won the job in spring training will pitch the first night game tomorrow at 7:05. as usual fans will have their place filled. they will entertain navy. elsewhere johns hop kins tries to break a streak against albany. they travel to massachusetts. unbc goes to bingl ton. that's press box.
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. looking better tomorrow. back into the 60s at least after spending a day in the 50s. sun around. it'll be a good deal for us. then warmer on sunday. it'll be a revisiting that above average weather.
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then another cool front sunday night. big noticeable lack of rain there. that's very dry outlook for april. >> looks like a nice weekend. so much for april showers. >> it sounds like a good forecast. thank you for watching. you can follow us on twitter, facebook, abc the i-phone. we have all over the place. >> yeah. friend us. have a good weekend. good night. [ male announcer ] you may not be getting the most
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